Pitching the Gold Standard of Taxpayer Protections

Massachusetts’s Taxpayer Protection Act is the gold-standard when it comes to ensuring government contracts are awarded fairly and will result in cost-savings that don’t simply rely on slashing wages and benefits for [...]
June 2015

It Has Failed.

States that haven’t yet handed over control of child welfare to private companies should learn from the multiple failings of other states and look for ways to strengthen existing programs instead of conducting experiments [...]
March 2015

Nobody Likes a Cheater

In the Public Interest (ITPI) released a report outlining the myriad of problems with insufficient oversight that too often lets government contractors waste public tax dollars, commit fraud and abuse, provide poor quality [...]
December 2014

Look at What We’ve Done Together

From coast to coast this year, taxpayers have rejected reckless outsourcing schemes. They are holding for-profit corporations accountable. And they are saying "no deal!" to CEOs who would put profits ahead of public health [...]
December 2013

Lockup Quotas

On September 19, In the Public Interest released our blockbuster report “Criminal: How Lockup Quotas and ‘Low-Crime Taxes’ Guarantee Profits for Private Prison Companies.” In a matter of hours, tens of thousands of [...]
October 2013

Lockup Quotas and “Low-Crime Taxes”

Taxpayers should not be penalized for lower-crime rates. The elimination of lockup quotas will allow lawmakers to enact policies that are in the public interest, not in a private prison corporation’s financial interests.
September 2013

Even in Idaho

This news is from the past few days from Chicago, Connecticut and Idaho, where lawmakers are realizing that outsourcing is not only bad policy, but a bad deal for taxpayers as well.
September 2013

Let’s Reclaim Control of Our Democracy

Earlier this month, In the Public Interest (ITPI) launched a proactive program to expose the privatization of public services and infrastructure as an assault on American democracy and open a new discussion about the vital [...]
July 2013

Predatory Privatization

This report examines how the push to privatize public services and assets "often reduces the quality of services, burdens taxpayers and threatens democratic government." Stories of destructive predatory privatization noted [...]
August 2012