Our Resources on Infrastructure

Availability payments in public-private partnerships: Issues and implications
A research brief providing an introduction to availability payments, followed by four issues that are important for policymakers and stakeholders when considering an availability payment public-private partnerships.

An examination of private financing for correctional and immigration detention facilities
A report documenting how private prison corporations CoreCivic and GEO Group are primed to provide additional jail, prison, and immigration detention space by privately financing new facility construction.

How Trump’s infrastructure plan incentivizes privatization
A fact sheet explaining how the Trump administration’s infrastructure plan incentives the privatization of America’s infrastructure by promoting private financing and asset sell-offs.

Understanding and Evaluating Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)
A guide to help advocates, policymakers, and other stakeholders better understand and analyze public-private partnership (P3) infrastructure proposals, contracts, and related legislation.

Lessons learned from the Australian “asset recycling” program
A research brief revealing the Australian “asset recycling” program as simply privatization rebranded with a new name—selling off existing public infrastructure to pay for new infrastructure.

Building American While Building Our Middle Class: Best Practices for P3 Infrastructure Projects
A report describing best practices to ensure that public-private partnership (P3) infrastructure projects help tackle inequality and create middle class pathways for disadvantaged communities.

Infrastructure Justice: Building Equity into Infrastructure Financing
A report outlining goals and principles to ensure public-private partnerships (P3s) are structured to benefit the public, local economies, and double-bottom line investors.

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