Other Reports and Resources

The Potential Pitfalls of Privatization
August 2019

Four memos outlining the potential pitfalls of the privatization of public goods and services, produced along with Local Progress.
Be Wary of Privatization
December 2020

The downsides of removing a public good, service, or asset from public, democratic control and placing it under private control by a corporation or other private entity. 
10 questions to ask before any privatization deal
June 2019

Ten questions to ask before any privatization decision is made.
A Guide to Understanding and Evaluating Contracts for Public Services
December 2020

This guide discusses common issues that frequently arise in government contracts for different public services.
Insourcing often leads to better service and cost-savings
June 2019

Recent research and the experiences of numerous local and state governments show that, by bringing critical functions back under public control, service quality can be improved and cost-savings can be achieved to make the best use of public money.
The Billionaire Behind Efforts to Kill the U.S. Postal Service
July 2020

A brief tracing Charles Koch’s connections, influence, and ideological push to weaken and ultimately privatize one of America’s most essential public services.
Privatizing the VA: Lessons from privatized Medicaid in Kansas and Iowa
March 2018

A brief examining the experiences of Kansas and Iowa in privatizing their Medicaid programs within the context of recent pushes to privatize health care for U.S. veterans.
How privatization increases inequality
September 2016

A report examining the ways in which the insertion of private interests into the provision of public goods and services hurts poor individuals and families, and people of color.
Cutting Corners: How Government Contractors Harm the Public in Pursuit of Profit
April 2016

A report detailing the negative impacts on the public of cost-cutting by contractors across public goods and services and at every level of American government.
Is Your Waste Contract Putting Your Municipality At Risk? Best Practices in Municipal Waste Contracting
November 2016

A guide providing best practices for municipalities aiming to protect their interests when contracting with private companies that provide waste management services.
Race to the Bottom: How Outsourcing Public Services Rewards Corporations and Punishes the Middle Class
June 2014

A report detailing how outsourcing public services sets off a downward spiral in which reduced worker wages and benefits can hurt the local economy and overall stability of middle and working class communities.
Closing the Books: How Government Contractors Hide Public Records
March 2015

Case studies that illustrate how private contractors hide three key types of information: the fees they charge the public; how they spend public funds; and  details on the quality of public services.
Standing Guard: How Unaccountable Contracting Fails Governments and Taxpayers
January 2014

A report discussing common problems and the real world consequences of lax oversight in government contracting, with policy recommendations to help cities and states improve their oversight.

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