2,300 Miles Apart

2,300 miles separate Coatesville from Missoula, but the two towns have more in common than you might think. One important similarity? Their ongoing struggles with private, for-profit water companies, like too many cities [...]
July 2015

Who Owns Your Water?

City leaders and residents across the globe are reclaiming their water systems from private profiteers and ensuring that access to clean water remains a human right for every citizen.
April 2015

Giving Thanks for Public Water

A new report released by Corporate Accountability International with Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU), shows that promises made by private water corporations fail to materialize or come at the expense of [...]
November 2014

Private Equity, Public Inequity.

This fact sheet discusses the push for water privatization, some of the key problems with private equity takeovers of water systems, and offers several alternative solutions for communities dealing with fiscal crisis.
August 2012

Trends in Water Privatization

This report addresses the privatization of water utilities in order to generate revenue in a post-recession economy. Food & Water Watch reviewed 200 prospective and completed sales and concessions over the last two decades [...]
November 2010