Maggots in the Kitchen

Companies like Aramark Corrections depend on our taxpayer dollars and must be held accountable for betraying our trust and failing to deliver on their contracted obligations. Small fines are simply slaps on the wrist and are [...]
August 2014

Consider the Source

When two professors from Temple University touted a study praising the quality and cost effectiveness of private prisons, advocates wanted to know who funded it. Not surprisingly, it turned out that the private prison [...]
July 2014

Lockup Quotas

On September 19, In the Public Interest released our blockbuster report “Criminal: How Lockup Quotas and ‘Low-Crime Taxes’ Guarantee Profits for Private Prison Companies.” In a matter of hours, tens of thousands of [...]
October 2013

Good news!

In response to four bids to privatize several state prisons, officials rejected all four, citing their lack of understanding of legal requirements of the prison system, poor attention to inmate care, and proposed [...]
April 2013