Operation Streamline: Costs and Consequences

This report details the costs and consequences of "zero-tolerance" immigration programs on the U.S.-Mexico border, generally referred to under the moniker "Operation Streamline", which require all undocumented [...]
September 2012

Predatory Privatization

This report examines how the push to privatize public services and assets "often reduces the quality of services, burdens taxpayers and threatens democratic government." Stories of destructive predatory privatization noted [...]
August 2012

Private Equity, Public Inequity.

This fact sheet discusses the push for water privatization, some of the key problems with private equity takeovers of water systems, and offers several alternative solutions for communities dealing with fiscal crisis.
August 2012

Shining a Light on the Arizona Commerce Authority

A new report, Shining a Light on the Arizona Commerce Authority,examines how transparent the Arizona Commerce Authority has been with the grant and tax credit programs it oversees. The report, released today by the Arizona [...]
May 2012