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The Wall Street Banks Still Financing Private Prisons

A data brief following up from our 2016 report on the Wall Street banks financing the multibillion-dollar private prison industry’s two major players: CoreCivic and GEO Group.

An examination of private financing for correctional and immigration detention facilities

A report documenting how private prison corporations CoreCivic and GEO Group are primed to provide additional jail, prison, and immigration detention space by privately financing new facility construction.

CoreCivic and GEO Group’s push for public-private partnerships in building prisons

A guide summarizing concerns about a recent push by private prison corporations to sign public-private partnerships with governments for correctional facility construction.

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Private Companies Profit from Almost Every Function of America’s Criminal Justice System

An infographic depicting the possible paths of people charged with different offenses, revealing the various privatized services provided by the corrections industry.

Criminal: How Lockup Quotas and “Low-Crime Taxes” Guarantee Profits for Private Prison Corporations

A report describing the use of prison bed occupancy guarantee clauses in private prison and exploring how such clauses undermine criminal justice policy and democratic, accountable government.

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The Banks That Finance Private Prison Companies

A report revealing how financial institutions, including Wall Street banks, profit from providing financing in the form of credit, bonds, and loans to private prison companies.


How Private Prisons Companies Increase Recidivism

A research brief detailing how private prison companies and prison telephone and video call companies increase the chances of prisoners they incarcerate or provide services to being rearrested.

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Buying Influence: How Private Prisons Expand Their Control of America’s Criminal Justice System

A report outlining the ways private prison companies and corporations that provide corrections services spend millions of dollars each year influencing public officials.

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Buying Access: How Corporations Influence Decision Makers at Corrections Conferences, Training, and Meetings

A report detailing how companies leverage professional corrections associations in ways to influence decision makers and find and capitalize on new business opportunities.

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Essential Public Interest Protections for Prison Privatization Contracts

A list of protections that should be considered when negotiating and designing contracts with private prison companies. We also include best practices that states can implement to better monitor and enforce these contract provisions.

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GEO Group and Corrections Corporation of America Spend Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Purchasing Smaller Companies

A fact sheet describing how the largest private prison companies have expanded their control of and influence on the U.S. criminal justice system by purchasing smaller companies.

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Private Prison Companies Encourage Mass Incarceration by Owning Facilities

A fact sheet showing how private prison companies embed themselves in America’s criminal justice system and further mass incarceration by marketing empty facilities that they own.

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How Private Prisons Take Tax Dollars Away from Fixing Our Criminal Justice System

An infographic displaying the profit per prisoner made by CoreCivic and GEO Group in 2015, and rough estimates of the profits the corporations collected from each federal agency in that year.

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CoreCivic’s Troubling Track Record

An issue brief providing basic information about CoreCivic (formerly Corrections Corporation of America, or “CCA”) and a glimpse of the critical problems present in many CoreCivic-operated facilities.

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