About Us

In the Public Interest is a comprehensive resource center on privatization and responsible contracting.  It is committed to equipping citizens, public officials, advocacy groups, and researchers with the information, ideas, and other resources they need to ensure that public contracts with private entities are transparent, fair, well-managed, and effectively monitored, and that those contracts meet the long-term needs of communities.

The mission of the Resource Center is to provide:

  • Accurate, high-quality information, across a variety of sectors and jurisdictions about trends and developments in privatization, the impacts of privatization on the public, and responsible contracting policies and practices
  • Tools and resources to help public officials, researchers, advocates, workers, and administrators ensure that essential public goods and services are available to those who need them, managed by people who are publicly accountable, and affordable to all.

In The Public Interest is a project of The Partnership for Working FamiliesIn the Public Interest does not pay indirect costs for research or other projects.

In the Public Interest:

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For questions or comments regarding this resource center, contact info@inthepublicinterest.org.

Donald Cohen
Executive Director
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Research and Policy Director
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Outreach and Organizing Director
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