Keeping Parks Public

This week, candidates in Kentucky’s gubernatorial election suggested that the state could privatize parks to raise revenue. That’s a misguided solution to the wrong problem: the state’s failure to invest enough in [...]
July 2015

2,300 Miles Apart

2,300 miles separate Coatesville from Missoula, but the two towns have more in common than you might think. One important similarity? Their ongoing struggles with private, for-profit water companies, like too many cities [...]
July 2015

The New IT Thing

It’s become painfully clear that governments can no longer afford to simply buy the claims of corporations seeking a multi-million dollar contract. Claims of “cost-savings” and “efficiencies” must be properly [...]
June 2015

Victory in Maryland!

Congratulations to the workers and taxpayers in Maryland! Their governor just signed a bill to reduce the risk of contracting failures in the state and ensure a proposed outsourcing effort is truly the most effective option. [...]
May 2015

What Makes Us a Nation?

All around us, often seemingly invisible, are the myriad of things that make us one nation – the things we do together, the public projects that make us, well, an “us.” Educating every child, ensuring we have a [...]
May 2015

How Much Do They Deserve?

When government contractors spend our tax dollars to pay poverty-level wages, we make up the difference by paying for food stamp programs and shelters.
May 2015

Abolish Profit Guarantees

Quotas do more to guarantee profits than guarantee public safety. Many thanks to Grassroots Leadership and American Friends Service Committee for their excellent work to bring an end to the Immigrant Detention Quota. [...]
April 2015